We know that convenience and access to benefits are critical parts of your positive experience with Delta Dental. That’s why we want to help you streamline your eligibility with these three tips:

  1. Large and mid-size groups can manage their eligibility using our Eligibility Management Application (EMA). It allows you to add, terminate or transfer enrollees in moments — and view any updated information in real-time. To get started, contact your account manager. Once you are set up on EMA, you will receive a welcome email and instructions for an EMA demo to help you understand the application.
  2. If you need to send manual eligibility updates to Delta Dental, those should be sent directly to the Eligibility department as follows:

Delta Dental PPO

Businesses headquartered in CA and NV: atyourservice@delta.org

Businesses headquartered in AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, MT, TX and UT: eligibility_DDIC@ddic.delta.org

Businesses headquartered in DC, MD, NY, PA and WV: ddpenrollment@deltadentalpa.org

DeltaCare USA

All businesses: enrollment-ER@delta.org

To avoid delays, do not send enrollment information to your account manager.

  1. Be prepared! Eligibility will be loaded faster if you submit complete and accurate information. Social Security numbers (SSNs) are particularly important, because we can’t add members to our system without   (don’t worry—we never give out enrollees’ private information).

Be sure to include the following for each enrollee (primary and dependents):

  1. Full first and last name
  2. Effective date of new add and/or change
  3. Date of birth
  4. Address
  5. Complete Social Security number (SSN)
  6. Group number
  7. Division number
  8. Relationship code (e.g., spouse or child)

When eligibility submission runs more smoothly, you can enjoy the convenience of a streamlined implementation process, and offer your employees quicker access to benefits. You can streamline eligibility by sharing these three quick tips.