We love our dogs. No, seriously. Some of us use them as business mascots. Some of us even love them more than most humans.

Woman at desk with dog

They’re cute, cuddly and loyal companions — but they may also be a powerful part of your business strategy. Here are two ways dogs can make a bark of a difference at your organization:

Bring your dog to work programs

Offices have gone to the dogs — literally. Learn about some of the business advantages of allowing dogs in your workspace, including:

  • Increased employee retention with a unique benefit that they may not find elsewhere
  • Positive morale, as being around and interacting with pets can ease stress
  • More physical activity, as employees play with or walk the office dogs

Of course, having pets in the office isn’t for everyone. Look into some of the more complicated aspects of allowing dogs at work, and consider implementing a comprehensive pet policy.

Dog-friendly environments (without letting them inside) 

If dogs in the office doesn’t work for your organization, consider some easy ways to welcome pet owners to your business (especially small businesses!):

  • Place a water bowl at your entryway if you’re located in a popular walking area
  • Stock dog treats at your front desk, countertop, drive-through, etc.
  • Run a pet-centric promotion or giveaway

Check out a full list of dog-friendly ideas for small businesses.

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