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Ever wonder how a carrier determines its network size? Good! Some carriers may calculate the number differently, so it’s important to ask how it’s done. These tips can help you get an accurate indicator of your enrollees’ ability to find in-network care.

Find out who (or what) is being counted.

  • Some network counts include projected dentists not yet contracted — they may also include inactive or non-practicing dentists.
  • Rather than counting dentists, some network counts refer to access points. This means the same dentist could be counted multiple times. In large chains, dentists could be counted in every clinic, even if they don’t practice at all locations.

To get a true measure of dentist access, use these guidelines when you request network counts.

With Delta Dental, you know you’re getting a clear network picture — we only count active individual dentists or locations. Want to know more? Call your Delta Dental sales rep to learn more about network value.

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