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You may have read in last month’s network numbers article that network size matters. However, size is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to determining network value. It’s also important to know how dentists are recruited and trained — and to take a look at the entire experience enrollees have when they visit a dentist’s office. Here are some things to consider when evaluating a dentist network.

The right dentists in the right places

How valuable is a large dentist network if there aren’t any providers near where your enrollees live and work? Not very. Building a strong network is more than a numbers game — it’s about ensuring that your enrollees have easy access to great providers, both general dentists and specialists.

Look for a carrier with a strong recruitment presence near your group. Even if there isn’t a strong dentist network there now, carriers with a solid recruitment team can work with you to build the dentist network your group deserves. Are there particular dentists your enrollees want to visit, but they’re not in network? Some carriers will actively recruit the specific dentists your group wants.

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Face-to-face training and provider management

While dentist recruitment is important, it’s crucial to work with a carrier who ensures that the quality of care your enrollees receive remains top notch. One good way to gauge this is to find out if your carrier has staff dedicated to working in the field, or if network management is handled remotely. With boots on the ground, network providers can receive thorough in-person training. Plus, your carrier can easily stop by providers’ offices to get a firsthand experience of the level of care provided.

It’s also wise to ask your current or future carrier how it defines a quality dental experience.

  • Are only dentists evaluated, or does the carrier also assess the performance of dental hygienists and assistants?
  • Is the appearance and cleanliness of the dental office taken into consideration?
  • Does the carrier prioritize a smooth appointment check in and payment process for enrollees?

Want to learn how our networks can provide a seamless solution for your group? Talk to your Delta Dental sales rep today! And stay tuned for the next part of this network series, which will highlight the impact leased networks can have on your group.

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