Ensuring your employees are well-informed about their oral health is now easier than ever. Our newly redesigned wellness library features dozens of updated articles, detailed information about oral health conditions for both adults and children, helpful videos and much more, all with a fresh, inviting new look.

The available content covers a broad spectrum of useful topics, ranging from the importance of preventive care, to healthy habits that ensure teeth and gums look and feel great, to oral health issues to watch out for and their treatments.

What’s more, our wellness library addresses your entire extended employee family, with content that addresses everything from the oral health needs of toddlers, children and teens to healthy aging tips for seniors.

And of course, an important part of maintaining oral health is maintaining a diet that supports your smile and takes it easy on your teeth. Our wellness library features not only a wealth of informative nutrition content, but also provides your employees with a stellar selection of smile-friendly recipes, including snacks, drinks and desserts. We even offer recipes for special diets, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and diabetic-friendly meals.

So make sure your employees don’t miss out! For the best in up-to-date oral health information, remind them to take advantage of Delta Dental’s wellness library. You can also share these resources with employees by posting them to portal pages, adding them to employee newsletters or sharing them on social media. Our website is also optimized for mobile devices, so this content is accessible anywhere, on any device.

And don’t forget that your employees also have access to Grin!, our fun, free quarterly dental magazine, chock full of interesting features, oral health tips, seasonal content and even more great recipes. They can subscribe with one easy click. And for your employees with children, there’s Grin! for Kids, too.

Finally, don’t miss out on our helpful wellness calendar, which is another way to provide your employees with a host of relevant wellness content ― all year long!