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Grin! for Kids: value-added resource for dental plans

Educating families about dental care in creative ways gives them incentives to take advantage of Delta Dental plan benefits. The way to engage children in dental care is to give them opportunities to learn about taking care of the teeth, gums and mouth so that their smiles are healthy.

Grin! for Kids is a coloring and activity book with fun, educational projects for children in grades K-5. It is a valuable free resource that adds value to a Delta Dental plan. The book can be printed out at home for easy access, as parents show children about preventive care and explain how important it is.

Each issue of Grin! for Kids, available in English and Spanish, contains new ideas and information that your employees’ families can share as they maintain regular visits to their dentist under their plan.

Orthodontia: The original brackets

In the spirit of March Madness, let’s talk brackets. The dental kind! If you’re offering your employees orthodontic coverage, make sure you’re up to speed on your dental benefits game.

If you don’t already offer orthodontic benefits, you might consider coverage at renewal, as it can be an attractive benefit if you’re trying to build or retain your workforce. A recent study shows that 88% of employees take “better health, dental and vision insurance” into consideration when choosing a job.

The Xs and Os

Generally, here’s what our plans cover*:

  • Pre-orthodontic treatment visit
  • Pre- and post-treatment records
  • Extractions for orthodontics
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Retention


Our copay orthodontics game is strong! Compared to typical DHMO-type products, DeltaCare® USA is leading the league, with features like:

  • A variety of treatment levels — interceptive orthodontics for children, limited orthodontics for children and adults, and comprehensive orthodontics for children and adults*
  • A unique orthodontic takeover provision that allows enrollees to continue active treatment with their current orthodontist — even if the provider is not in our DeltaCare USA network
  • Extractions for orthodontic treatment that could save enrollees hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket

If you currently offer orthodontic coverage, review the playbooks for Delta Dental PPOSM and DeltaCare USA plans and pass them on to your employees. For specifics, you can review your group contract and enrollees should log in to Online Services (or review their plan booklet) to confirm coverage.


* Your benefits may differ from the general information provided here. Review your group contract for specific details regarding coverage under your plan.

Extra periodontal cleaning can lead to healthier babies

While the relationship between periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes is still being explored, good oral health during pregnancy can give babies a healthy head start. And with Delta Dental, your employees can do exactly that.

A mother’s health greatly impacts her baby, and oral health is no exception. Expectant mothers with poor oral health may be at higher risk of pre-term delivery and of passing disease-causing bacteria to their child. Women with untreated dental decay or gum disease during pregnancy and after delivery are likely to transmit the bacteria that cause these infections to their babies.1 2 That’s why it’s a smart move for your employees to get a dentist recommendation to take advantage of Delta Dental’s additional cleaning during pregnancy. Not only can additional cleanings reduce bacteria, it’s a great opportunity for expectant mothers to learn healthy oral habits they can instill in their children.

Extra cleanings can help expectant mothers improve their oral health, and in turn, encourage their dependents to develop healthy habits from the start. From pregnancy to any one of life’s stages, we have plenty of resources that make it easy for your employees to practice healthy oral habits.

  • Visit our SmileWay® Wellness site for downloadable flyers, posters and booklets you can share with enrollees.
  • Encourage enrollees to Subscribe to Grin!, our free oral health e-magazine, which offers advice that’s both fun and useful.


1 Benjamin Chaffee, et. al. Maternal oral bacteria levels predict early childhood caries development. Journal of Dental Research 93, no. 3. March 2014; 238-244.

2 Snyder, Andrew. Oral health and the triple aim: evidence and strategies to improve care and reduce costs. National Academy for State Health Policy. April 2015; 4.

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