Last week we challenged you to test your knowledge of our benefits administrator website with a fun online scavenger hunt. Although we hope you had some fun, our main goal was to make sure you’re getting the information and tools you need to support your enrollees and manage your dental benefits effectively. Let’s see how you did!

Wait — no cheating! If you haven’t already completed our scavenger hunt, give it a try before reading the answers below.

Q: Which two types of dental plans do the benefits administrator (BA) pages help you manage?

(a) Tri-Delta DentalTM and Copay® USA

(b) Delta Dental PPOTM and DeltaCare® USA

(c) McDelta® USA and Delta DentalTM Care

(d) DentalCareTM  PPO and SmileWay® USA

A: The correct answer is (b) Delta Dental PPOTM and DeltaCare® USA

From the BA site, you can find detailed information on how Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA work, learn about web features for enrollees and get the answers to the most commonly asked enrollee questions.

Q: How do your enrollees get a mobile ID card?

A: If you got the last question right, you had a good clue on where to find this answer. (Hint: Check the FAQ pages for Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA.)

So here’s the deal — your enrollees don’t actually need an ID card to receive treatment. They can simply give the dentist their name, date of birth and social security number or enrollee ID to verify coverage. But this isn’t a trick question. If enrollees prefer to have a card, they can display mobile ID cards or print them by creating a free Online Services account.


Q: Which of the following can you do with our Find a Dentist Tool? (You can pick more than one)

(a) See if a particular dentist is in our networks.

(b) Search for providers by location or specialty.

(c) Find directions to the center of the earth.

(d) Explore provider Yelp reviews.

A: Your enrollees can do all of the above with our Find a Dentist Tool — except find directions to the center of the earth. Although, you can get maps to providers’ offices.


Q: Do your enrollees need to file a claim when they visit a Delta Dental network dentist?

A: The short answer to this is no, not in most cases. Here’s the long answer:

For Delta Dental PPO enrollees, Delta Dental dentists will submit claims for your enrollees. However, if an enrollee chooses to visit a non-Delta Dental dentist, he or she may need to file the claim themselves.

With DeltaCare USA, there are no claims forms for enrollees to complete when they visit their selected dentist for routine care. However, if enrollees receive specialty care from a dentist other than their primary care dentist, or are traveling and need emergency care, they may need to submit a claim.

You can find more claims information and claims resources for enrollees in the manage your plan section of the BA site.


Q: Where can you find our online library of enrollee oral health articles, videos, assessments and more? (Bonus points if you know the name of our wellness program)

A: On the SmileWay® site — SmileWay also happens to be the name of our wellness program. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out, and encourage your enrollees to do the same. The site offers all kinds of helpful information about healthy habits, conditions, treatments and more.


Thanks for participating in the scavenger hunt!

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