It’s getting close to open enrollment, and that means you’ll be fielding questions from employees who are trying to choose their benefits for the coming year. Luckily, Delta Dental has your back. You can find everything you need to answer those questions and help your employees make informed decisions.

Gather your materials

One of the best sites of information available to you is Delta Dental’s open enrollment resources page. It features many flyers on the basics of our plans, our network of dentists and how to use our plans. You can download this information and either print it or send it out electronically to your employees.

Discuss with your Delta Dental representative to determine what core flyers you need. Sending out flyers electronically is the best way to distribute the information, but we do have a limited number of flyers available for print. Be sure to get your orders in sooner rather than later.

An FAQ page for benefit administrators may answer many of the questions you may get from employees about Delta Dental’s plans.

Members can access information online and print an ID card, learn about our plans and explore online tools. Videos that explain the major plans are available, as well as Spanish versions.

Go virtual

In the wake of the pandemic, you may find that virtual benefits fairs work well, especially if your employees work remotely. Contact your Delta Dental representative to set up a virtual booth session, which is a way for employees who can’t make it into the office to talk with us online and get information about the various plans we offer. (If you want a virtual booth session, you need at least 100 attendees.) 

Delta Dental reps can also appear in person at your benefits fairs if you have 100 people attending. Contact your representative for more details.

Start early

Aside from giving your employees information, what else can you do? Preparation is key. Brainstorm to find innovative ways to make open enrollment engaging and informative, motivating them to choose an insurance provider.

If you’re hosting a benefits fair, motivate your employees to participate through a themed event, or raffle off prizes for attending. Send out emails with electronic flyers attached, and highlight any changes to employee benefits.

Your Delta Dental representative is available to help you with ideas on how to prepare for open enrollment. Start soon, though: Open enrollment will be here before you know it.